"The Tattoo Artist."

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An homage to the beautiful patterns that surround Borneo's Dayak peoples, who believe spirits embody everything: animals, plants and people. Many groups draw on this power through the images in their tattoos, often making composite floral motifs of plants and animals for curative or protective powers. These tattoos are created when the artist consults spirits, who reveal the designs. These tattoos are made of soot or powdered charcoal, can also be spiked with charms (including ingredients such as ground-up pieces of meteorite or animal bone). Here, an artist has dipped his needle, tied to a stick, in pigment and begins to tap it into the skin with a mallet. The receiver waits patiently for this tattoo, a glass of 'Tuak' (an alcoholic beverage typically made from rice ) in his hand, as he receives this great honour.

The scene of a sacred ritual undergone in deep patience and respect amid swirls of bold colour, the image is a statement in any room. Printed on museum-quality, archival, acid-free paper. Designed to last.
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